Russell T. McCutcheon

mccutcheonedgeRussell T. McCutcheon is a Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Alabama, where he was Department Chair from 2001-2009, a position he now holds once again (2013-18). He has held leadership positions in professional scholarly associations, edited academic journals, and published a variety of monographs, essays, collections, and anthologies, from his first book, Manufacturing Religion (Oxford, 1997), to his most recent, The Sacred is The Profane: On The Political Nature of “Religion” (Oxford, 2013; co-written with William Arnal), as well as his edited The Insider/Outside Problem in the Study of Religion: A Reader (Continuum, 1998), The Guide to the Study of Religion (co-edited with Willi Braun, Continuum, 2000), and Religious Experience: A Reader (co-edited with Craig Martin, Equinox, 2012]). His forthcoming book is entitled Entanglements: Marking Place in the Field of Religion (Equinox 2014). The focus of Russell’s work is on the politics of category and identity formation, with special attention to the history and modern use of the category “religion.”

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