The Problem of Nostalgia

edgebook2The Problem of Nostalgia in the Study of Identity:
Towards a Dynamic Theory of People and Place
Edited by Vaia Touna

This multi-authored work tackles the problem of how to examine the historicity of identity. Through four discrete case studies, each comprising a chapter, seven scholars of religion expose the disconnects in academic discourse on diaspora, identity, and creolization, and suggests ways of achieving greater theoretical clarity in the study of identity—or better, identity claims—as it continually takes shape over time and space.

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Vaia Touna

Introduction: On the Strategies of Identity Formation
Craig Martin

Chapter 1
What is African American about African American Religion?
Monica R. Miller

Chapter 2
Identifying Nothing: The Construction of the “Nones”
Steven Ramey

Chapter 3
Strategizing Subjectivity: Creolization and Intentionality in Studies of Caribbean Religions
K. Merinda Simmons

Chapter 4
Writing Women Out of Woman

Leslie Dorrough Smith

Russell T. McCutcheon