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A girl sitting on the floor reading a book in a libraryCulture on the Edge was founded in early 2012 as a small research group, comprised of scholars with very different specialties, aiming to produce original research that not only invited readers to rethink how to study identity but also demonstrated how scholars who understand religion to be an ordinary cultural element could also have interesting things to say about other aspects of culture and history. Because books take a little longer to produce than do blog posts, it is worth bearing in mind that this academic blog — begun a year after the group formed — is only one of several venues for publicizing the group’s research.

We’re therefore pleased to announce several volumes that are due out in the coming year, all from Equinox Publishers — an independent UK publisher known for works on theory.

Click the descriptions below to learn more about each volume.

An article about Claiming Identity in the Study of Religion Social and Rhetorical Techniques Examined

An article about The Problem of Nostalgia in the Study of Identity Towards a Dynamic Theory of People and Place

An article about Codes of Conduct Code Switching and the Everyday Performance of Identity

An article about Fabricating OriginsWhile the group’s “Working with Culture on the Edge” series (in which the last book, above, appears as the inaugural volume) is limited to volumes edited by members of the group, “Culture on the Edge: Studies in Identity Formation” (in which the first three volumes, above, appear) is a series open to proposals from other authors — learn more here.

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