When Code Switching Goes Wrong

Picture 4As Craig Martin, from the Edge, asks: When does code switching go wrong?

Maybe in this case?

The caption at the original post reads:

I don’t understand Duke University. At a ceremony reading out the names of victims of genocide, this Blue Devil [i.e., their team mascot] got into the act. Maybe the strangest thing I’ve seen in a spell, it was, I’m sure, meant as an act of piety at this sports besotted university.

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Gender Switching

somelikeithotDid you ever see the classic comedy “Some Like it Hot?” (1959), in which Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis hide from the mob (and both fall in love with Marilyn Monroe), by impersonating members of an all-female band that’s on the road?

Question: when does code switching become cross-dressing?

You’ll learn more at Lehigh University when
the Edge comes to town next week.