Culture on the Edge Book Series

Culture on the Edge Book Series invites proposals for both monographs and multi-authored works that explore the historicity of identity. Volumes that fit this series draw on ethnographic, textual, and theoretical research in any field or context that reveal ways that the image of stable selves and groups conceals the precarious and shifting nature of cultures.

Submit proposals to Steven Ramey ( and include the following:

  • Provisional title for the book, including sub-title (if any).
  • A clear statement of general objectives of the work and the means by which the book achieves them. Please include a succinct summary of the main message of your book and why it fits with this series.
  • Draft table of contents, annotated with descriptions of the contents, argument and approach of each chapter / section. Please also indicate briefly which parts are ‘survey’/’overview’ and which are original contributions.
  • Two sample chapters, including at least one from the main body of the book (not the introduction or conclusion), if available. If the work has already been completed, let us know. If we are interested, we will ask to see the complete manuscript.
  • Intended readership (giving specific academic level if applicable) and potential for classroom use (possible courses and level).
  • List of any books you know of that might be regarded as competitors, detailing for each the author, title, publisher, and date, explaining how your book differs from each.
  • Estimated word count for the final manuscript and number of figures, diagrams and illustrations (not tables).
  • Realistic delivery date for the final manuscript.
  • Name and address, e-mail address and telephone and fax numbers (work and home) of author(s)/editor(s).
  • Short Curriculum Vitae, including date of birth and citizenship of author(s)/editor(s).
  • Names and addresses of two or three scholars who can give an opinion on your work in this area. (They will not necessarily be used as reviewers.)

A pdf of the guidelines is also available here.

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