In this second chapter of the Culture on the Edge collaborative’s blog, we invite other scholars who are making similar shifts in emphasis from the meaning and description of things to the analysis of the strategic construction of those identities / meanings to submit posts. We particularly want contributors to the blog, using this forum to demonstrate the new forms of analysis and observation that it facilitates. Each submission will be peer reviewed promptly.

You can submit a post to Leslie Dorrough Smith and Steven Ramey, who are the editors of Chapter 2. For these posts, we invite you to select an everyday example or current event and analyze it, thereby demonstrating the types of analysis that these shifts help you accomplish. Essays should be between 500-750 words, providing pithy examples that not only engage other scholars but also a broader audience, as readers of the blog include many who are neither professors nor students. Along with the essay, please include an image(s) (preferably copyright free and acknowledged, using a source such as Creative Commons), embedded links, appropriate tags, a social media hook for posting to Facebook and Twitter, and a two sentence identification of yourself.

All posts will be peer reviewed by a member of Culture on the Edge. We anticipate sending comments back to writers in a day or two and hope to post approved essays fairly quickly, though please alert us with the initial submission if you consider your submission to be especially time-sensitive in topic. We will alert you to the scheduled posting date/time for your accepted posts and, of course, encourage you to promote your peer reviewed essay through your own networks.