a group of people meeting around a tableThe founding members of Culture on the Edge (pictured above at a November 2012 working session in Chicago) were:

Craig Martin, St. Thomas Aquinas College
Russell McCutcheon, University of Alabama
Monica Miller, Lehigh University
Steven Ramey, University of Alabama
K. Merinda Simmons, University of Alabama
Leslie Dorrough Smith, Avila University
Vaia Touna, University of Alabama

… and Andie Alexander, served from the outset as the Curator of this blog.

The posts on the site that are catalogued under Chapter 1 constitute this group’s efforts to rethinking how we study identity, at a wide variety of sites.

Listen to our podcast (recorded at the session pictured above) here.

Reinventing Culture on the Edge: New Phases, New Chapters

In early 2017 the group developed a peer reviewed blog that invites posts from readers of the site. Those who have contributed to what we called Chapter 2 are listed on the Chapter 2 Contributors page.

Then, in the Fall of 2017, the group’s core membership was expanded and we refocused our work on reading both classic and contemporary works, across disciplines, discussing them each semester, via online collaborative sessions, so as to help us continue to press an alternative approach to the study of identity. Chapter 3 (meet the members here) therefore involves posts from the now expanded group, where we each try to work out the implications of what we’re reading — perhaps in hopes that you consider reading along with us.