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Culture on the Edge sponsors two separate book series with Equinox Publishers. Get a flyer here (PDF).

Published by Equinox Publishers

This book series is aimed at the classroom and invites respondents to work with the group on key theoretical issues of relevance to the study of identification. Each volume — edited by a different member of the group — tackles a specific topic, e.g., Origins, Strategic Essentialism, Authenticity, etc., and asks a set of new readers to work with revised posts that originally appeared at edge.ua.edu — pressing them forward, critiquing them, or providing further illustrations of social processes at work.

Series Editor
Vaia Touna, University of Alabama

Learn more about the series here.

Books in the Series

Fabricating Origins
Edited by Russell T. McCutcheon

Fabricating Difference
Edited by Steven Ramey

Fabricating Identities
Edited by Russell T. McCutcheon


Published by Equinox Publishers

The Culture on the Edge book series publishes both monographs and collections of essays that explore the historicity of identity. Volumes in this series draw on ethnographic, textual, and theoretical research in any field or context that reveal ways that the image of stable selves and groups conceals the precarious and shifting nature of cultures.

Series Editor
Steven Ramey, University of Alabama

Guidelines for proposing a volume for the series are available here (or as a pdf). To propose a volume or for further information, contact the series editor, Steven Ramey.

Books in the Series

Two volumes in the series specifically involve members of the Edge in collaborative, multi-author projects:

Claiming Identity in the Study of Religion: Social and Rhetorical Techniques Examined
Edited by Monica Miller

Strategic Acts in the Study of Identity: Towards a Dynamic Series of People and Place
Edited by Vaia Touna

For a complete list of books in this series consult the Equinox site.

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