An Interview with Leslie Dorrough Smith in Hannover

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In July 2014, the Edge’s Leslie Dorrough Smith visited Hannover, Germany to give a public lecture on her new book. While she was there, they did a video interview with her. Take a look…

First Impressions #21: Leslie Dorrough Smith

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Marginalia recently posted this interview of the Edge’s own Leslie Dorrough Smith talking with Art Remillard (Avila University) on her recently released book Righteous Rhetoric.

Click here to listen to the interview…


pencil-eraserThere’s been a series of commentaries online recently on the topic of using the term “data” when naming the (what shall we call “it”?) …, stuff that we, as scholars, study — commentaries driven by worries, in many cases, that this word erases the inherent worth and humanity of the people so named. The members of Culture on the Edge tackled this topic both here and here, all in favor of an informed/specific use of this technical term, and a more diverse group of responses also appeared at the Bulletin blog (here and then also here). Continue reading “Erased”