That Wasn’t the Statue of Liberty: On Expectations and Labels


My family recently traveled to New York City. If you’re familiar with LaGuardia, our destination airport, you know that it is situated in such a way that it often gives airline passengers a nice shot of Manhattan and other noteworthy sights as they descend.

Upon our own descent, an interesting series of utterances escaped from my seven year old son, for whom this was his first visit to the city. Before the trip we had discussed some of the things that we would do while there, and as he looked out the window as the plane grew closer and closer to the earth, in his mind every span of trees became Central Park, every large skyscraper was the Empire State Building, and every island was Ellis Island, with the Statue of Liberty just too small to see because we were so high, he inferenced. Continue reading “That Wasn’t the Statue of Liberty: On Expectations and Labels”

Start Spreadin’ the News…

edgeinnewyorkYes, there was a disturbance in the Force: three members of Culture on the Edge are in the Big Apple — or should we say New York City? — on the eve of the code switching workshop, where they’ll be joined by a fourth member of our group.

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Hearing is Believing?

edgenyA recent story on the sounds of New York in the 1920s brings up a curious thing — whether the past is more real when listening to it (or seeing it, in old movies or photos, for example) rather than just reading about it (whether in so-called primary or secondary sources).

Is the past somehow closer to us in one case than another? Continue reading “Hearing is Believing?”