“Come and See the Contradictions Inherent in the System”

Picture 1Looking for an example of how not to study religion? Then consider the case of hypocrisy that recently swept through the internet. Continue reading ““Come and See the Contradictions Inherent in the System””

Runnin’ Away With Me…

Elevation Church photography

If you happen to think that all social life — including our emotional responses to situations — is, for lack of a better word, manipulated to one degree or another, whether by intention (e.g., another social actor’s rhetoric) or non-agential structures in which we live and move (e.g., the rules of grammar, class relations, nationalism, etc.), then a headline like “How Elevation Church, Pastor Furtick produce ‘spontaneous’ baptisms” will probably strike you as curious for reasons far different from how many others read it. Continue reading “Runnin’ Away With Me…”