Get Lucky

openingceremoniesWe here at the Edge are hoping that you’re enjoying the Winter Olympics — whether for the figure skating commentators’ never-ending search for new ways to describe the indescribable (“he lacked luster and sizzle”) or the unbridled celebration of nationalism. Speaking for myself, I still can’t get beyond the toe-tapping, head-nodding human drama of the opening ceremonies.

Come On Baby, Light My Fire

Edge torchDid you hear about the Olympic torch going into space the other day?

No flame; just the torch.

Not content to just light it in Greece or with the usual spectacle of running it to wherever it is being hosted that year (a relay started when Nazi Germany hosted the 1936 summer Olympics, by the way), the Russians not only took it into space (yawn: the third time this has happened) but out on a space walk as well — a first! Continue reading “Come On Baby, Light My Fire”