Time for a Break

Well, the U.S. Thanksgiving break is here, and you know what that means for many of the members of Culture on the Edge


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Perpetual Pilgrims and Indians

First Thanksgiving at PlymouthSome Thanksgiving thoughts for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. Despite various corrections and critiques (e.g., here and here), schoolchildren across the U.S. often learn and even reenact the story of Pilgrims and Native Americans joining together for a meal to celebrate the first harvest for the Pilgrims. When considered from the perspective of the study of processes of identification, the reenactment of this origin story perpetuates the position of dominant groups, despite the narrative of cooperation built into the origin story. Continue reading “Perpetual Pilgrims and Indians”

We’ll Be Right Back…

overlay with the words "please stand by"With a conference in Baltimore followed immediately by a national Fall harvest festival where many of our members live (American Thanksgiving, that is), well, we figured that a brief hiatus is necessary while some of us eat, catch-up on email, and reshuffle the alphabet for more posts from the Edge in the future. Continue reading “We’ll Be Right Back…”