“What Do You Want, Disorganized?”

Picture 4Given the Edge’s interest in “the Nones” — those who answer polls by saying that they are religiously unaffiliated — and the way these very surveys actually create the group rather than just describe it, how can we not repost this from Portlandia?

“The Nones” — Again

riseofthenonesInterested in the responses of the Edge‘s own Steven Ramey and Monica Miller to previous commentaries on their work on “the Nones”?
Then try here.


On the Spot with Steven Ramey

“On the Spot” backs members of Culture on the Edge into a corner to talk about their backgrounds, their ongoing work, and what might be gained by an alternative understanding of how identity works.

stevrnQ: Steven, your early work was interested in a specific group that fell between the way we commonly identify some of the world’s religions, so issues of blurred or ambiguous identity have long been a focus for you. How has this interest changed or developed over the past several years?

A: When I began to learn about Sindhi Hindus and their inclusion (typically) of the Guru Granth Sahib within their temples, I assumed that they represented a wonderful example of inter-religious harmony. As I conducted my research, I began to see how my assumptions reflected common definitions that some of them directly rejected, as some Sindhi Hindus specifically argue that the Guru Granth Sahib is a Hindu text. Continue reading “On the Spot with Steven Ramey”