Cultural Sensibilities

Change, Same Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.A year ago, a member of the Greek Parliament, Mrs. Repousi, who belongs to the leftish political party of DEMAR (Democratic Left) provoked a series of reactions in the media with two statements (each set apart by a couple of days) that she made during discussions concerning changes in the educational system. Continue reading “Cultural Sensibilities”

On Tradition

edgetraditionBut she doesn’t seem to be at anything like a wedding or a graduation now; instead, she seems to be out shopping or walking in New York City.

When is an innovation too innovative?

Watch the video, “Modern Takes on Tradition,” here.

Everything Old is New Again

Did you see this article posted at National Public Radio’s site? The Facebook post about the audio story read:

Picture 1


Sometimes the only option that remains in the endless effort to maintain relevance in a changing world is to resuscitate something old, such that reviving a style once judged outdated can, ironically, be seen as innovative.