The Violence that We Like

game of thrones screenshot

The online laments that followed the second to last Game of Thrones episode, “The Bells,” is instructive, I think, for it makes evident that  many of us support violence when it is in service of our interests. Continue reading “The Violence that We Like”

Wax On, Wax Off

saladbarI was having lunch the other day, facing a salad bar, and it occurred to me that here we have a wonderful example of what it means to study signification. Continue reading “Wax On, Wax Off”

“My Morality” Doesn’t Need Your God


Culture on the Edge‘s Monica Miller is presenting (this morning at 11) at Skepticon 6, which is held annually in Springfield, Missouri. While there, she’ll be sending us her notes from the field.

She uses her sweet, melodic, and soulful voice as a lyrical window into her journey from Judaism to Atheism and as a tool of activism to challenge the dogmatic confines of religion in society. Meet Shelly Segal: a Melbourne based singer-songwriter heavily involved in secular activism who serenaded us last night with some songs off her most recent album “An Atheist Album,” which, according to Segal, “is a passionate response to dogmatic belief, inequality, religious oppression and the idea that only the devout can be grateful and good.” Continue reading ““My Morality” Doesn’t Need Your God”