The Center’s Edge

Picture 1Did you catch this interview, earlier today, with Francesca Marciano, about her new collection of stories, The Other Language? It seems to be all about code switching — at least if we understand code switching as found all across culture.

Give it a listen…


How ironic, then, that the only comment currently at the interview site is the following, which is hardly concerned with the shifting ambiguity of living on the edge:

Picture 2Even when the limits of identity are being explored there still seems to be a proper and an improper, for — given the presumed link between names and identities — playing with how we say a name is verboten (as was explored on this site some time ago).

And the lesson is…?

The hegemony of the center is not easily overcome, even when you’re on the outskirts. For after all, the periphery and the center are both functions of each other, making them always present even when they each might seem absent.

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