Might As Well Jump!

blogisdeadDid you catch this post, now making its way around the web?

It opens:

blogisdead2Since we here at the Edge — a research collaborative begun in 2012 — started blogging in 2013, we hope that we didn’t cause the demise.


But we also hope that because we’re trying to make an argument and use evidence, to persuade a wide audience of readers that scholars of religion who work with social theory might have something interesting to say about how this domain we call culture works, well, we hope that we might be among the reasons why short, tactical, and timely blogging continues to have relevance. We see each as a little poke that might stir someone from their dogmatic slumbers, that might make them curious about what makes some features of their world tick. We’re not an online magazine, we don’t have cat pictures (sorry), and News Corp doesn’t own us. We’re just seven academics, all in different settings, all at different career stages, all working on other projects of our own, but who are united by a set of problematics and curiosities we happen to share.

And if that doesn’t sell you , then we have a cat video.

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