“All Words We Choose from a List”

Have you seen this video, deconstructing advertising? A selection of unconnected images and words that creates an impression…, to which you can tie virtually any product, interest, or identity.

“Here’s a picture of DNA…”

(The original post on which the video is based.)

Group Fiction


When the Huffington Post included “The ‘Nones’ Get Organized” in its list of the of Top Ten Religion Stories for 2013, the description illustrates further the problems with much of our discourse. Not only does the account switch too easily from “Nones” to the organizers of the “Sunday Assembly,” a congregational gathering focusing on nontheists, but the account also illustrates the absence of commonality, even among a subset of the “Nones,” while still discussing the “Nones” as if they form a group to be organized. Continue reading “Group Fiction”