Comfort Zone

rrr_author-photo_credit_suna-leeWhile listening to the radio on the way home from work the other day I caught an interview with Rachel Renee Russell, author of the bestselling series of adolescent novels, The Dork Diaries — the fictional diaries of a 14 year old girl. What caught my ear was the point at which the interviewer brought up the fact that she is African American while her teenage protagonist is not. Russell replied: Continue reading “Comfort Zone”

Look Who’s Talking!

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In the initial post responding to the Reza Aslan/Fox News interview, Craig Martin brought our attention to the ways in which similar logic can be used to launch competing identity claims.  Particularly resonant for me is a quick anecdotal move in his post that contains much when considered carefully.  He notes, “When I go to the American Academy of Religion annual meeting, I see lots of scholarship production tied to scholars’ identities, and much of it is very political.”  I know exactly what he means. Continue reading “Look Who’s Talking!”