Everyone Loves a Good Christmas Carol, No?

Picture 5Ever wonder how a imperial dominance works? Consider this, admittedly, fun video in which all the objects in the Oxford museum — including the ancient ones! — all know and love Christmas carols.

A specific “we” identify with these tunes, enjoy them, find them familiar, etc. — and then “we” make the leap: doesn’t everyone? Past and present? Apparently they do — apart from that sickly-looking guy who is just staying in bed.

And voila: we are the world, or at least a world of diverse variety gets ironed flat and ends up looking an awful lot like us.

And even ancient people’s grave markers get in on the act — who can resist (even though they try). How we would feel if an animated version of great-grandpa’s headstone featured in someone else’s lighthearted video, celebrating their holiday, is, well, not something best considered.

(Though it isn’t difficult to imagine what might result from such a consideration.)

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