People Are Way Too Obsessed With Their Books

reading1The book, among humanity’s most wide-reaching and long lasting technological innovations, has adversely impacted the human species in ways its creators could have never imagined.

reading2For the flights of fancy that books inspire have meant the demise of
personal interactions and an end to the art of conversation.

reading3Instead, obsessed book readers are alone even when
surrounded by actual human beings.

Girl reading a book in a cafeIsolated in an interior world of their own solipsistic imagining,
they ignore the all too real world around them…

reading6… aloof and unaware to its needs and challenges.

reading8Going so far as to even encourage children to be engrossed by their fantasies,…

reading7… those who read books will sadly never know the sort of authentic interaction, human touch, and shared focus that smartphones and tablets make possible.

reading9Don’t kid yourself — technology has changed us; but it’s not too late to go back.

2 Replies to “People Are Way Too Obsessed With Their Books”

  1. I think you need to elevate your observations to smart phones. They are the scourge of society. I’d also rather have my kids looking at books than staring in to computers. At least books are educational and cannot be carried everywhere you go.

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