An Interview with Leslie Dorrough Smith in Hannover

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In July 2014, the Edge’s Leslie Dorrough Smith visited Hannover, Germany to give a public lecture on her new book. While she was there, they did a video interview with her. Take a look…

The Edge Makes a Class Visit!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 8.44.51 AMThe Edge’s Monica MIller (pictured right) visited Prof. Richard Newton‘s REL 170 Signifying Religion: An African American Worldivew course at Elizabethtown College this morning via skype. After seeing her blog post “What Gang Do You Claim?“, Prof. Newton invited Miller to skype with his class to analyze the category of “religion” and theorize about the idea of African American religion(s) and identity formation using her blog post as a primary example.

As we’ve seen on Twitter, the class visit was a huge success! A big thanks to Prof. Newton for bringing the Edge to class!

this one

For more information about Class Visits with Culture on the Edge, click here.



Prof. Russell McCutcheon at Lehigh University

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During the last week of October, Culture on the Edge‘s Russell McCutcheon, Monica Miller, and Vaia Touna presented at Lehigh University’s Collaborations: Directions in the Study of Religion. The Edge’s Russell McCutcheon delivered the Plenary address “And That’s Why No One Takes the Humanities Seriously.” The conference included panels on “Tradition,” with a presentation from the Edge’s Vaia Touna, “The Past,” “Identity,” and “Experience,” with a presentation from Monica Miller.


Lehigh University published a few articles on the conference, which can be found here and here. Lehigh’s own De’Anna Monique Daniels (@DeAnnaMonique) made a Storify of the Plenary which can be found here.

While McCutcheon was there, Lehigh also interviewed him regarding his thoughts on the Humanities and the study of religion in the university. Take a look at what he had to say…

Dr. Russell McCutcheon from Lehigh IMRC.

Special thanks to Lehigh University for hosting this conference and passing this along!

First Impressions #21: Leslie Dorrough Smith

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Marginalia recently posted this interview of the Edge’s own Leslie Dorrough Smith talking with Art Remillard (Avila University) on her recently released book Righteous Rhetoric.

Click here to listen to the interview…

Righteous Rhetoric in Hannover

lds2Did you know that the Edge’s own Leslie Dorrough Smith is currently at Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany, giving a talk on her new book Righteous Rhetoric: Sex, Speech, and the Politics of Concerned Women for America.

Want to learn some more about her work? Watch her lecture here.

Talking Righteous Rhetoric with Religion Dispatches

leslierdReligion Dispatches recently interviewed our own Leslie Dorrough Smith on her recently-released book Righteous Rhetoric: Sex, Speech, and the Politics of Concerned Women for AmericaTake a look at what she had to say here.


“K(no)w Where to Go”

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One can measure very neatly the white American’s distance from his conscience—from himself—by observing the distance between White America and Black America. One has only to ask oneself who established this distance, who is this distance designed to protect, and from what is this distance designed to offer protection?
-James Baldwin, 19655

I’m shocked, too.
I’m supposed to be locked up, too.
You escape what I’ve escaped…
You’d be in Paris getting f***ed up, too.
-Jay Z, 20116

Monica Miller has recently been award a Lehigh University Faculty Research Grant (Research and Graduate Studies) to conduct fieldwork on the topic of “K(no)w Where to Go: Diasporic Transatlantic Commuters and Escaping the Permanence of “American” Racism” which explores the social, cultural, economic and geographic options of African American expatriates living in Europe – a part of a larger book project she’s working on entitled, New Black Godz: Distinct Bodies, Religions of Distinction. Continue reading ““K(no)w Where to Go””


codeswitchThe latest Code Switching Workshop flyer now has the workshop program listed on it, so be sure to take a look! Also keep an eye out for live updates on our twitter feed @idendefying

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“Would You Still Call Yourself an Asianist?”

asiaIn December 2013, Steven Ramey was interviewed by Russell McCutcheon so he could discuss the development of his research and how his focus has shifted over the course of the past few years — as McCutcheon writes in his piece for The Religious Studies Podcast — “from inter-religious cooperation to diaspora religion” to “a far broader interest not only in social theory but in the practical implications of categorization for creating identities.”

Give the interview a listen…


This podcast originally appeared on the blog for The Religious Studies Project.