Your Turn: Delicious Ideologies

Chicken Salad Chick signI like their chicken salad. A lot. But every time I go into either of the two local stores it not only seems like I’m the only guy in there but, also, that everyone else seated eating or in line ordering is either a member of a sorority or wishes they were — it’s like there’s a code and I didn’t get the memo about the breezy little sundress.

So what is it about chicken salad that brings out the ladies (of all ages)? Or does the franchise’s logo tell us everything we need to know about their target audience? Of course…, I could say the same about going to any of the local barbeque places — no one sent out a memo there but somehow almost everyone walking in is wearing the same uniform; there’s lots of guys (coz guys eat serious meat, I guess, not salads), plenty of dirty t-shirts and oodles of work boots). And of course they all walk out smelling of smoke.

So how does gender ideology work? Walk into either Chicken Salad Chick or Dreamland and you tell me.

Dreamland Bar-B-Que Ribs sign

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