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  1. « Il faut beaucoup de temps pour apprendre à voir »
    J.-J. Rousseau, Émile, 1762
    « [l’œil] choisit, rejette, organise, distingue, associe, classe, analyse, construit. Il saisit et fabrique plutôt qu’il ne reflète […] Rien n’est vu tout simplement, à nu »
    N. Goodman, Langages de l’art, 1990

  2. My rough translation:

    “It takes lots of time to learn to see” J. J. Rousseau

    The full quote from Nelson Goodman:

    “The eye comes always ancient to its work, obsessed by its own past and by old and new insinuations of the ear, nose, tongue, fingers, heart, and brain. It functions not as an instrument self-powered and alone, but as a dutiful member of a complex and capricious organism. Not only how but what it sees is regulated by need and prejudice. It selects, rejects, organizes, discriminates, associates, classifies, analyses, constructs. It does not so much mirror as take and make; and what it takes and makes it sees not bare, as items without attributes, but as things, as food, as people, as enemies, as stars, as weapons. Nothing is seen nakedly or naked. (Languages of Art, 7–8)

    C’est bonne! That’s worth a Cites post of its own!!

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