Discussing the “Nones”

Steven Panel

This year in Baltimore, at the Annual Meeting for the American Academy of Religion, Culture on the Edge members Monica Miller and Steven Ramey — along with Chip Callahan (University of Missouri), Sean McCloud (UNC Charlotte), and Patricia O’Connell Killen (Gonzaga University) — were panelists in a roundtable discussion, “Discussing the ‘Nones’: What They Say about the Category of Religion and American Society” where part of their thoughts on the Nones stemmed from the ideas and conversations around their co-authored Huffington Post article.

Here’s their report on the panel that was posted recently.

Steven’s presentation:

Discussing the ‘Nones’ with Steven Ramey from UA Religious Studies.

Monica’s presentation:

Discussing the ‘Nones’ with Monica Miller from UA Religious Studies.

To see the rest of the video series, go to the Vimeo album: “Discussing the ‘Nones'” at the 2013 AAR.

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